Rabota.ru, the Sberbank-owned No.3 recruitment classified in Russia, has announced the launch of its “Side Job” service for self-employed people who now can find customers and businesses seeking contractors.

Working with legal entities, “Side Job” covers the entire services cycle. It checks the legal status of the contractor, selects a suitable candidate for specific tasks, draws up an offer contract and closing documents, pays for services with the customer’s permission and generates invoices.

“Such automation of work with self-employed specialists will allow the employer to save up to 40% of cash costs for human resources and up to four hours to sign agreements with every contractor,” said Rabota.ru. The service will also control the replacement of executors and customers, so that contract-based relations do not illegally turn into labor relations.

Users leave a request on the site to find a customer or contractor. If the legal entities know trusted contractors, they can recommend specialists directly to the service. If an executor is thinking of looking for customers in this format but has not yet registered as self-employed, they can do this through the “their business” service from Sberbank. The service is free for entrepreneurs, but a commission of 1-2.4% is applied for legal entities, depending on the task scope. 

The company believes that its main customers will be firms with an ever-changing need for executors, such as retailers, restaurants, delivery services, logistics companies, cleaning services, and call centers.

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