Munich-based HR tech company TalentBay has appointed Sylvia Edmands as its CEO. She started as chief operating officer (COO) of the company at the beginning of the year. Edmands will replace the current CEO Marc Irmisch-Petit, who was the previous European head of the online career portal Monster.

According to TalentBay, Edmands is an “HR industry expert with many years of international management experience and know-how in the areas of product management, marketing, sales and digitalization.” Prior to working for TalentBay, she had stints at Monster, Telefónica, and AOL UK, among others.

TalentBay describes itself as Europe’s only career platform that connects students directly with experts in companies, using algorithm-based matchmaking.

In 2020, the founder of NFON, a Germany-based provider of cloud-based telephone systems for businesses, Marcus Otto, and tech investor Michael Wenglein, who was previously managing director of PropertyBase, a real estate platform for brokerages and teams, established the Munich-based company. Irmisch-Petit, former head of Monster Europe, had led the company since July 2021.

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