London-based CV tool provider CV Wallet has launched an app called Smart CV that uses Web3 technology to combat what it says some of the challenges associated with traditional hiring techniques. These include data privacy, security breaches, high drop-out rates on applications, inconsistent referencing and interview bias.

According to CV Wallet, in the modern recruitment sector, CVs are no longer fit for purpose, and it is aiming to change the way people find jobs, in addition to helping them to secure their personal data.

The app aims to change the way users store, verify and share CVs by utilizing a decentralised CV Wallet, making it simpler for employers to find and directly approach the right people with the right skills, CV Wallet says.

Users can create and customize different versions of their CV, which they can share with employers via a QR code or email. Meanwhile, CV Wallet’s job search alerts send details of job opportunities directly to users.

Users can also verify and share their skills and qualifications using blockchain technology. Data on the app is fully encrypted, and all personal information remains on the user’s phone, giving them full control over when, how and with whom it is shared, the company asserts.


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