LinkedIn has frozen hiring across parts of the company but isn’t planning layoffs, company CEO Ryan Roslansky has revealed.

“We haven’t announced … any kind of layoffs,” Roslansky said during an interview with CNBC-TV18.

“We have put ourselves inside of a hiring freeze right now for various parts of the company. But again, like every other leader, we’re just continuing to navigate the global strategy that we need to keep the company going to create this platform.”

Roslansky noted that layoffs (at other companies) had a silver lining for LinkedIn: When other companies lay off workers — as has happened across the tech industry, including at LinkedIn parent company Microsoft — the affected people turn to LinkedIn to find work, he said.

In the wide ranging TV interview, Roslansky touted LinkedIn’s recent growth in India.

“I’ve been paying a lot of attention to that global purview, as it relates to a lot of the activity that’s happening right now in India, on LinkedIn, it’s just fascinating. So our membership in India is over indexing on networking. They’re over indexing on skills acquired and learning. They’re over indexing on job seeking. In fact, India right now is the second largest market in terms of engagement on LinkedIn; we have roughly 97 million members [in India],” he said.

During the quarter ended September 30, LinkedIn reported that global membership had grown from 850 million to 875 million. During the quarter, it added members internationally at almost twice the pace as it did in the U.S., the company said.

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