A combination of heightened interest in sustainability and elevated inflation squeezing disposable incomes is making Spanish consumers more amenable to buying and selling used goods, according to a press release from general marketplace Milanuncios.

The annual rate of inflation reached double digits in Spain over the summer months and stood at 7.3% in October.

According to Milanuncios, demand on the site rose by 29% between May and September 2022. It increased across all categories, except for training and books, where it was flat.

The fashion and accessories category was the star performer, with demand up by more than two thirds (68%), led by wedding dresses (up 121%), suitcases (101%) and the Nike, AirSoft and Louis Vuitton brands (with figures of 78%, 77% and 70%, respectively). AirSoft is a local brand that specializes in replica weapons and tactical gear.

Meanwhile, a report published by Milanuncios called “Closing the Circle,” based on a survey it commissioned earlier this year, found that 84% of respondents agreed with the assertion that “promoting second-hand consumption is promoting more sustainable consumption.” Some 89% stated a desire to be less polluting in their own lives.

When asked why they sold used products, more respondents said it was to ensure that they were not wasted than to get back some of the money spent on them (39% versus 30%). When asked why they purchased used goods, 60% said price was the main motivating factor.

“Our planet needs a breather, and for this we have to change the way we consume in our day to day. Luckily, we find more and more people concerned about their environmental impact who want to find a sustainable alternative to their consumption … At Milanuncios we are committed to continuing to promote the second-hand market and user access to it in an easy and safe way,” said José Lezcano, general manager of Milanuncios. 

Milanuncios is owned and operated by Barcelona-based Adevinta Spain, a subsidiary of Oslo-based marketplace giant Adevinta.

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