Professional-networking app operator Drama & Company is expecting annual sales to grow multiple times to KRW 100 billion ($73.6 million U.S.) in the next two years, up from KRW 6 billion ($4.4 million U.S.) in 2021, said the company’s CEO and founder, Jaeho Choi.

Drama & Company CEO and founder Jaeho Choi

In two separate interviews with AjuNews and the Korea Economic Daily, Jaeho Choi exuded confidence about the possibility about achieving the sales target by 2024 because of the company’s renewed focus on office workers who are not actively seeking new jobs.

Drama & Co. launched its professional-networking app, Remember, in 2014. The number of users has exceeded the 4 million mark and it has 13,000 paying corporate customers. The company also runs rectech service RememberCareer. Since its launch in 2019, the latter has registered 1.2 million profiles and offered a total of 3 million jobs.

Last year, Remember’s sales amounted to KRW 6 billion ($4.4 million U.S.). “We are expecting to record a surplus for the first time on a monthly basis in the fourth quarter of this year,” said Jaeho Choi. “The ultimate goal is to create a service that all 20 million office workers in Korea use.”

Redirecting attention to the scouting model, Drama & Co. has also changed Remember’s logo, introducing soft curves and an orange color to the existing black and white combination.

Remember has changed its logo.


So far this year, Drama & Co. has acquired three companies: recruitment marketplace operator, Anchoreer, intern-recruitment marketplace Superookie and expert-network service Liahnson & Company. Last year, the company raised $134 million in a Series D funding round that saw leading job-site operator SaraminHR become its third biggest shareholder.

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