In Slovakia, job site will merge with recruitment company LMC in January, according to a report on Slovak news site

Profesia is the largest job site in Slovakia. In October, it saw 4.4 million visits, as counted by SimilarWeb. The company has been owned by Alma Media since 2012. The Finish media group also controls LMC, operating leading job sites in the Czech Republic, including,, and

LMC launched in Slovakia in 2020 and was based in the same office as Profesia in Bratislava. From next year, both companies will merge and will be operating under the brand Profesia. LMC will keep on operating in the Czech Republic.

LMC and Profesia report as part of the Alma Career segment, which also includes recruitment sites, and Alma Career generated €13.1 million in Slovakia and €46.2 million in the Czech Republic in 2021.

Alma Media focuses on digital services and publishing. The company’s headquarters is in Finland, but it also operates in other Nordic countries, the Baltics, and Central Europe. It’s listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

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