Full-service HR provider HeadFirst Group has acquired IT talent outsourcer StarApple for an undisclosed amount. Both companies are based in the Netherlands.

HeadFirst provides a variety of HR services, including contracting, matchmaking, service-provider assistance and consultancy. According to the company, it connects more than 15,000 professionals with more than 400 clients across Europe and has an annual turnover of €1.5 billion ($1.539 billion U.S.)

According to a news statement, StarApple has connected more than 10,000 digital specialists to various companies since it was founded in 2008. The company will retain its own brand identity following the acquisition, but StarApple and HeadFirst will offer their combined services to client.

“The [talent] scarcity will not disappear in the coming years. This requires creativity in opening up the market. We believe that combining high-tech solutions with services with a great human touch is the key to customer success. For us, those customers are both clients —- who we continuously provide with mission critical talent — and professionals, who we actively help from assignment to assignment with the most attractive clients,” said Marion van Happen, CEO of HeadFirst.

Caner Hamamioglu, general director of StarApple Group said: “Growing talent is our mission. We do this by carefully connecting professionals from our network to assignments, where professionals not only do what they have done before with other clients but are also challenged to take a step forward in their development. We call it ‘Design your career.’ With the collaboration of HeadFirst Group, we can do this on an even larger scale.”

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