Longstanding Serbia-based classified marketplace KupujemProdajem is expanding to neighboring Balkan markets.

According to Bojan Leković, CEO and founder of KupujemProdajem, expanding to neighbouring countries has been on the cards since the inception of the company 15 years ago. But the moment of implementation came in line with technological advancement as well as continuous growth of the website’s popularity, he added.

The number of visitors to the site from neighbouring countries has been increasing: around 10% of visitors come from countries in the West Balkans outside Serbia, which was the case even before the announcement of the service expansion.

The company is planning to expand its reach, impact and capacity further still. Leković added, “We are working on us becoming a habit; a place where all the users from the region seek and find ‘practically everything’ — and we are expanding our teams in preparation for that future.”

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