Avito Auto, Russian horizontal Avito’s car vertical, has partnered with auto dealer app Maxposter and automotive aggregator Haraba to launch AutoHub, which it describes as “a unique unified service for car dealers.”

Avito Auto says that AutoHub facilitates the management of the key processes of the dealership in a “single window” format. The service is integrated with Avito Auto products for dealers.

AutoHub allows car dealers to quickly search by main classifications using Haraba’s algorithms and gain exclusive access to the latest car sales announcements through Avito Auction before they appear on the classifieds. It also includes a smartphone app to simplify the inspection and evaluation of used cars, “accelerated” communication with Avito Auto technical support, custom auto strategies for posting and promotion, tools for auditing incoming calls and market and competitor reports. Tools for forecasting the sale price of used cars using Avito Evaluation will be launched in the near future, according to Avito Auto.

With Autohub, dealers will discover new business opportunities by automating processes, training employees and making operational decisions based on data, Avito Auto says.

Avito Auto maintains that AutoHub service will allow dealers to find vehicles quickly, buy them at the best price and maximize margins when they sell them.

According to Avito Auto, “AutoHub is a single solution for the key business processes of car dealers, based on a deep understanding of the specifics of the auto business.”

It adds that the new service incorporates all the advantages of Maxposter and Haraba and integrates them with Avito Auto.

“Avito is not just a service where users can sell or buy a car. Avito is a real platform and an active participant in the modern Russian automotive market. The main goal of the business has always been to connect sellers and buyers. Therefore, Avito Auto develops innovative products for both buyers and sellers to bring the digitalization of the car market to a new level. AutoHub is a fundamentally new solution for the Russian automotive market that will allow car dealers to effectively manage key business processes in one office,” commented Nikolai Manaikin, head of new business models at Avito Auto.

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