A new flexible recruitment marketplace has launched in the U.K. WorkYourWay matches people with flexible positions globally.

WorkYourWay is underpinned by what it claims to be a unique ‘flexibase’ algorithm that generates percentage matching scores for roles and candidates to help each find the ideal match.

The news site has been founded by Tim Grimes (LinkedIn profile) and Anna Whitehouse, the founder of news portal Mother Pukka Flex Appeal, a campaign to promote flexible working.

“Anna has been leading the flexible working revolution for years and bringing both our organizations together helps us achieve our collective mission: make flexible working a reality for all, regardless of age, seniority or gender,” said WorkYourWay co-founder Tim Grimes.

According to a statement issued by WorkYourWay, the new company aims to help companies fill vacant positions by using a flexible working policy for every company and role across all industries. The new partnership aims to create the U.K.’s most influential flexible working organization.

WorkYourWay claims that 87% of people want to work flexibly, but only 11% of jobs are advertised as flexible. It says with around 1.3 million job vacancies currently in the U.K., outdated work contexts and cultures act as barriers to millions of people who could fill the gaps if offered a flexible approach.

It wants to close this gap and says 1000’s of candidates have signed up to WorkYourWay, alongside global brands who support this change. The organization aim is to help 100,000’s of people find flexible jobs each year, not just in the U.K. but globally.

“For decades, we have all kept our lives and struggles secret, desperately trying to work around an archaic 9-5 pm work day that dials right back to the Industrial Revolution,” said Anna Whitehouse, Founder of Flex Appeal.

“Now it’s time for change. WorkYourWay is our grassroots movement to bring all companies into the 21st century with a truly flexible job search for candidates.

“Tim and I have come together to launch a job-matching solution that will truly change how we work. If companies are serious about inclusivity and diversity in the workplace and want to play their role in closing the gender pay gap, they will join our fight for change, one job at a time.”


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