PropertyGuru Group, a real estate marketplace operator active in Southeast Asia, has launched PropertyGuru for Business in all of its main markets via live streaming on YouTube, at the annual PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit.

The new division aims to provide guidance to its business customers, such as property developers, agencies, banks, appraisers, city planners and foundation manufacturers.

PropertyGuru Group’s CEO and affairs director, Hari V Krishnan, said during the virtual launch that his goal was to bring transparency to the property journey and create a trusted website for home seekers and their business partners.

By leveraging the combined power of proprietary data, technology and human resources, PropertyGuru For Business is intended to empower partners and customers to make more informed decisions, maximizing growth opportunities, while reducing risk and uncertainty.

PropertyGuru For Business solutions also include integrated service and proprietary tools such as DataSense, ValueNet, FastKey, event completion and marketing as a service (MaaS). DataSense Future (formerly known as Vantage+) will be implemented with more solutions to help those in the property industry use analytics as a tool to improve their business.

DataSense is now available in Malaysia and will be introduced soon in the company’s other markets of Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, as the Southeast Asia real estate sector is undergoing a technological awakening, with more companies and organizations looking towards digitization, making it part of the transformation of their operations.

The director of PropertyGuru Group data completion and research affairs (DSS), Shyn Yee Ho-Strangas, added that he has come to realize that countries have different approaches to land/property ownership, transactions and management processes, so the new division will work closely with property stakeholders to add both systems in the market of operations.

According to him, by promoting and enabling digitization, all property stakeholders can take advantage of a deeper view to make more confident decisions in a more transparent real estate ecosystem, given that most Southeast Asian countries still have legacy systems and processes that are not shared digitally and are difficult to update, optimize and adapt.

However, he added, for organizations or companies keen to harness the power of digital transformation, the PropertyGuru For Business suite of products and solutions will have the answer for a broad range of customers who want to leverage trusted data and smart software to increase their competitiveness.

“Data and perceptions in real estate are not only useful for developers or future developers, in practice, but digitalization also benefits everyone in the real estate sector such as banking, coaching, and those who offer service professionals to the real estate industry. It is our endeavor to support stability, innovation and technology businesses across the region,” said Shyn Yee Ho-Strangas during the YouTube live streaming .

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