Japan-based Lifull Home’s (at Homes.co.jp) is conducting 10,000-user tests of its newly-launched AR app, Finding Serendipity, which promises ultramodern home searches based on shared experiences.

Used like any other AR app, the company says the new tool is unique because it lets the user record the attractions and share emoticons, photos and drawings while walking around the city. Whenever other users hold their mobile phone before scenery, the overlaid emotions pop up on the screen to allow them to discover coincidences.

The new app is also intended to help users find a suitable home: if the user has inputted their interests and desired characteristics of a home, the app gives a heads-up whenever such properties are nearby.

The new tool, developed in collaboration with AR company Niantic, will extend the tech-enabled utilities available to Lifull Home’s users, according to a company news statement.

Founded in 1995, Lifull Co. (formerly Next Home Co.) is one of the world’s top 20 multi-vertical marketplaces, according to figures compiled by the AIM Group.

The group returned to profitability in the fiscal year ended in September. Its flagship Homes.co.jp’s main competitors are Suumo.jp, owned by Recruit Holdings, and AtHome.co.jp, not related to AtHome in the U.S., or Luxembourg-based AtHome Group.

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