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2023 Automotive Marketplaces Report

2023 Auto Marketplaces Report

One moment, automotive disruption is with digital dealerships like Carvana and Cazoo. And the next, online-only dealers are the ones fighting for survival due to high interest rates and fluctuating used-car prices.

The move to expanded automotive marketplaces, with a more patient wait-and-grow approach, is one of the major trends covered, along with analyzing the agency business model, where auto manufacturers sell the cars and dealers primarily serve as delivery-and-service agencies. How will it impact dealers and marketplaces? Will the OEMs eventually push agency into used cars? Is this a major shift or just a brief sea change? And of course, we look at AI and its impact. Plus, all the favorites:

  • Top 50: identifies the largest automotive marketplace and classified sites worldwide
  • Company Spotlights: AMV, Carsales, Dubicars and more
  • Companies to Watch: CarFlip and ChexCar
  • Leading automotive marketplaces / classified companies in 65 countries, from A(rgentina) to Z(imbabwe)

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