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2023 Global Marketplaces Report

2023 Global Marketplaces Report

Our Global Marketplaces Annual is now available!

No longer just platforms for watching cute puppy videos and salivating over viral recipes, social powerhouses like TikTok, Instagram, and yes, even Gen Xers and their Boomer parents on Facebook are purchasing at the point of the influence, as social commerce explodes.

How are companies protecting consumers from being duped by dupes? Authentication and certification are critical for safety and trust. Which companies are giving you the luxury of a secure purchase? Hint: AI plays a role.

AI plays a role here and pretty much everywhere you look these days. But not in our report! It’s 100% generated by our (human) global team of writers, analysts, data gurus, and designers.

Inside the 130+ page report, you’ll find:

  • Strategies and tactics of some of the most interesting and largest general marketplaces in the world
  • Companies to watch
  • Marketplace groups by revenue: The world’s Top 60
  • Top 50 list identifies the largest general marketplace and classified sites worldwide
  • The leading general marketplaces / classified companies in 66 countries
  • And much more

Money-back guarantee on all annual / special reports. If you’re unhappy for any reason, let us know and we refund your money graciously.