A new company is about to enter the smartphone reconditioning market in Spain — Malaga-based Aliqindoi —- joining the likes of France-based BackMarket and CertiDeal and Finland-based Swappie. 

Aliqindoi will purchase smartphones (as well as tablets and laptops) directly from consumers and test and repair the devices before reselling them. 

According to the company, it “holds the payment of the buyer as a deposit until they confirm the purchase, testing the phone upon receipt. Not needing to meet allows you to buy from anywhere in the country and eventually in the EU.” 

It retains the buyer’s payment until they have tested the phone or 48 hours have elapsed from the time of receipt, at which time payment is made to the seller. 

Speaking to newspaper El País in December, Aliqindoi founder and CEO Félix Martín Aguilar (LinkedIn profile) said that the platform would launch in mid-January and that it had raised €550,000 ($584,000 U.S.) in a seed round, valuing it at €2.6 million. This funding came from a number of angel investors. 

A telecommunications engineer by profession, Martín Aguilar has worked as an advisor to South Africa-based MTN (one of the largest mobile phone networks in Africa) for a number of years. He also founded ReWare, a wholesaler of refurbished electronics, in 2015.

According to that company’s website, “In just five years, ReWare has grown to position itself as an internationally recognised supplier of refurbished mobile devices, Buy Back programs and a wide range of services, including processing, repair and grading of used devices and consumer electronics.”

Martín Aguilar is also president and vice chairman of Eurefas, a Brussels-based trade group that aims to develop and promote the refurbishment industry in Europe.   

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