A survey commissioned by AutoScout24 in the Netherlands has found that more than one in ten (13%) adults are interested in buying a secondhand electric car.

By comparison, just 5% of the respondents said they wanted to buy a new electric car, while 4% favoured leasing an electric car.

The survey was conducted by MultiScope on behalf of AutoScout24 in December 2022 and had 1,830 respondents, AutoScout said in a press statement.

“We see in the search behavior on our platform that the electric secondhand car is very popular. The Tesla Model S and Model 3 are especially sought after. It is not surprising that secondhand electric cars are taking off. Motorists are also increasingly aware of the impact of driving on the climate,” said Dorianne Richelle, country manager for the Netherlands at AutoScout24.

“In addition, an electric car often requires less maintenance. With long delivery times for new electric cars, more and more people see an electric used car as a serious option.”

Established in 1998 and based in Germany, AutoScout24 is a marketplace for new and used cars that operates in 18 countries across Europe and has more than 50,000 affiliates. Scout24 Group sold AutoScout24 to private equity company Hellman & Friedman in April 2020.

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