Germany-based used-vehicle marketplace Adesa has consolidated its domestic platform Adesa GWListe and its U.K. counterpart into a single business unit —

According to a company statement, the aim of the integration is for both EU and U.K. customers to get a better experience when they use Adesa’s platform to buy or sell cars.

All products are now integrated on a single platform, so customers have only one partner to deal with. According to Adesa, it runs over 4,000 auctions every day and has more than 100,000 registered dealers.

“When UK users log in to the mobile-friendly Adesa website, filters will be applied to automatically show UK vehicles. They will see more vehicle information, the cars are better presented and it’s easier to browse for vehicles. The fees and VAT are transparently indicated, and bids and purchases can be tracked in a very easy way,” according to the company. The platform handles such aspects of the car buying process as inspection, auctions and delivery.

“With the integration, U.K. customers now have immediate access to proven technology and applications already largely enjoyed by Adesa Europe customers,” said Jonathan Holland, managing director of Adesa UK.

In October, Adesa GWListe launched an app called GWListe Inspect for independent dealers.

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