Mathias R. Albert, founder of ViveLaCar, a vehicle-subscription platform based in Germany, has sold the majority of his company to Wiesbaden-based cross-industry e-commerce specialist the Platform Group. The share that has been sold and the value were not disclosed.

Albert, who founded ViveLaCar in April 2019, will continue to serve as managing director and shareholder.

ViveLaCar hopes that the takeover will open up new customers and international business opportunities. In 2023, the auto-subscription service plans to enter a number of European markets and further develop its SaaS and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings.

Additionally, ViveLaCar intends to expand in its core markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It also intends to expand its partnerships with BMW/Mini, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Renault automobile manufacturers.

With over 4,000 partners from various industries, the Platform Group operates 16 online platforms. Software development, online marketing and the creation of technical interfaces are the primary areas of focus.

“Through optimized processes and performance marketing, which has once again been significantly strengthened, we generate added value for our partners from the automotive trade and our customers. In addition, we gain access to more than 5 million customers in Germany alone,” said Albert.

Dominik Benner, CEO of the Platform Group, added, “With this step, we strengthen our portfolio and can contribute our expertise in e-commerce. ViveLaCar fits perfectly with our philosophy of working with dealers and creating a readily available online offering. In addition, ViveLaCar occupies a leading role in the fast-growing car-subscription market and is considered a pioneer in software and platform solutions. Over 4,000 partners are live.”

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