A new recruitment marketplace dubbed Huntly.ai has just launched in Poland and Romania. The platform is aimed at IT recruiters and wants to assist leading product tech companies from Western Europe and the United States in their recruitment efforts.

Huntly operates on a very simple principle: each recruiter can recommend a candidate by adding their CV to a certain position in the marketplace. The candidate is then verified by the employer, and if they pass the interview successfully, they are hired, and the recruiter receives a referral bonus. It amounts to half of the candidate’s monthly salary. For currently available job offers on the marketplace, it means up to $4,000 U.S.

“The IT market worldwide is suffering from a shortage of IT workers, particularly those in positions requiring more experience. The best access to such people is through IT headhunters and tech recruiters, who can now capitalize on their contacts easily through Huntly. With skilled software developers in their contact lists, recruiters can build a decent income stream,” said Nadiia Kovalchuk, a leading IT Recruiter from the Huntly team, in a report on Polish news site ISBTEch.pl.

As for now, several product tech companies such as Unifly, Paessler, ChromaWay, LivePerson, and others are using the platform for talent acquisition. Hiring via Huntly eliminates the need for recruitment agencies, thus making the hiring process four times cheaper for them than the average on the market.

Poland, along with Romania, is the first market where Huntly operates, but plans are in place for expansion in other Central and Western European countries. Also, the platform will soon be expanded with new features based on artificial intelligence, making verifying candidates easier and faster.

Huntly is headquartered in California and was created by a group of Meta programmers and IT recruiters that have been professionally tied up with the IT industry for years.

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