France-based startup Brigad has raised €28 million ($30 million U.S.) in equity and €5 million ($5.3 million U.S.) in debt a series B funding round.

Brigad is a job app dedicated to the hospitality and care work sectors, enabling businesses to hire freelancers. The funding round was led by Balderton Capital, with Wendel Group, Serena Capital and Square Capital also participating.

Brigad was founded in 2016 by CEO Florent Malbranche, CPO Jean Lebrument and former COO Alexandre Rovetto. Initially focused on the hospitality sector, the company branched out to include care workers for private clinics, retirement homes and hospitals during 2020 in the wake of the pandemic.

It currently operates in France and the U.K. and has more than 15,000 workers in its database, with around 200,000 assignments completed last year, according to Brigad.

Both the hospitality and care sectors have been impacted by the so-called “great resignation,” and Brigad maintains that 60% of workers on its platform would have left these sectors in its absence.

“We have more or less the same growth rate for both industries. We grew by 2.5x between 2021 and 2022 across both verticals,” Malbranche told TechCrunch.

The app offers users “missions” from employers in their area based on their skills and experience. According to the company, these missions generally pay more than the hourly rate that workers request. Brigad takes a 20% cut of each transaction. It says that matches around 20,000 missions each month.

These funds will go towards recruitment and expanding Brigad’s offering to new sectors, in addition to M&A, as it seeks to enter new markets. The company estimates a potential Europe-wide market of more than 100 millions workers and is hoping to increase its headcount by 350 employees by the end of 2024, beginning with new 100 positions this year.

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