Recruitment software provider Recruiting CRM has launched its new recruitment management platform that changes how recruiters work and helps them reduce repetitive and time-consuming tasks linked to the hiring process.

Recruiting CRM provides free recruitment software for agencies and independent recruiters. Its software aims to help recruitment agencies and independent hirers manage their clients and candidates faster and easier, according to a statement from the company.

Recruiting CRM is also integrated with the recruitment marketplace, which allows recruiters to showcase their candidates and get instant access to a network of other recruiters as well as search for suitable candidates across other recruiters’ databases. The integration means recruiters can both save time by automating administrative tasks and manage clients, jobs and candidates faster and get extra business using the marketplace.

Recruiting CRM says it has used extensive research with over 1,000 recruitment professionals to identify the major pain points in the recruitment process, which, it says, is the time and effort spent on manual tasks and the lack of specialized solutions available for recruiters to overcome this.

The company says its recruitment management platform and integration with solves this problem with a free solution that replaces outdated legacy systems that rely on Excel and manual spreadsheets or expensive CRM providers.

“Recruiting CRM made it easier for our recruitment agency to scale our business from day one, manage and accelerate the hiring process from start to finish, and centralize the recruitment workflow in one place,” said Justus Spengler, founder & CEO, Rockstar Recruiting AG, a company that uses the new platform.

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