Talent acquisition platform Talent Sandbox has launched an online training platform designed for recruiters.

It combines blended learning, real-world experience, interactive activities and resources to help companies train their HR and recruiting teams. It provides learning and development opportunities for HR professionals at various stages of their career, from those new to the profession to seasoned executives.

The training takes the form of short modules that teach learning talent acquisition skills and skills for wider business requirements. The product aims for flexibility and micro-learning led by experts on an intuitive learning platform to help improve staff retention.

Talent Sandbox believes upskilling employees is one of the biggest challenges facing companies currently. The company was founded in 2022 and aims to make learning fun and engaging by using interactive learning tools such a quizzes, infographics, videos and animations. Its platform also offers guidance throughout the learning process from a team of experts available to answer questions.

“I have always believed that knowledge and learning is vital to the success of an employee. But the complexity of training a TA function to operate consistently and efficiently is not easy,” said Talent Sandbox founder Neil Kelly. “Our goal is to empower TA teams to reach their full potential by providing expert insights, built by TA practitioners, alongside the tools and resources necessary to help TA functions achieve their goals.”

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