Japan-based real estate marketplace Renosy.com is expanding its suite of services for the country’s Chinese residents, according to an announcement.

Renosy says Chinese-speaking agents will manage the purchasing process for Chinese clients, while it will also help clients manage investment properties through the app Owner by Renosy. The latter service will encompass checking contract documents, tenant information, monthly cash flow and tax returns — all in Mandarin.

According to Renosy, the number of Chinese people living in Japan stood at 740,000 in June 2022, up 4% year on year.

Renosy is a subsidiary of Japan-based Ga Technologies. Founded in 2013, Ga Technologies also operates rental app Oheyago, China-focused property site Shenjumiaosuan.com and DLife, a brokerage service for rental properties in Thailand, among other things.

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