BankInter Consumer Finance, insurance company Línea Direct and technology company Vass have rolled out used car marketplace Car’n’Roll in Spain. 

Car’n’Roll not only allows consumers to purchase a used vehicle in a 100% online process, before delivering the car to them, it also enables them to finance the purchase and insure the vehicle without leaving the site. 

According to a press release, all cars sold through Car’n’Roll are put through 100 checks and come with a 12-month warranty. Moreover, the consumer can return the car for a full refund within 30 days. 

Alfonso Saez, CEO of Bankinter Consumer Finance, said: “Car’n’Roll is the result of the union of three large companies, which have built a commitment to facilitate the purchase of used vehicles with totally personalized financing, with the best conditions and 100% online.” 

“Car’n’Roll is a full-commerce platform based on our Kaiman e-commerce accelerator, which allows rapid web and mobile technological development, as well as the easy integration of dealer partners,” commented Pedro Latasa, CEO of VdShop, which is a subsidiary of Vass. 

At the time of writing, Car’n’Roll has 160 vehicles listed on its site. 

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