Portugal-based proptech company Casafari has launched a commission-sharing tool, aiming to make it easier for realtors to work together on shared property transactions. This tool is part of the company’s Casafari Connect platform.

According to the company’s press release, using this tool, “You can always rely on another agent to help you when a client is looking for a property that you don’t have in your portfolio. The client finds what they’re looking for and are satisfied with your work, while both you and the partnering agent share the commissions of this deal.” 

With its commission rules builder, Casafari clients can “define rules for both internal and external shared deals. Internal rules are applied to properties negotiated within your own team, while external rules refer to those transactions in which professionals from other agencies or franchises are involved.” 

“Each company will be able to set several rules, to ensure that different scenarios are covered when Casafari Connect is used,” defining rules for both internal and external shared deals, for example. 

“Your company will also be able to define rules for the estate agent’s commission on partnership deals based on the price of the property,” enabling realtors to “add or remove rules in a fast and easy way, making sure the whole company follows the same pattern.” 

Meanwhile, Germany-based EverNest began using the Casafari platform at the beginning of March. 

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Lisbon, Casafari uses machine learning to build a database for real estate agents, investors and IBuying companies. It promises “online property valuation that’s trustworthy and done in seconds.” 

According to the company, it indexes every online property listing and builds a history of each property by merging listings describing the same property and monitoring changes in real time. 

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