Proptech companies HouseCom and SRE Holdings have joined forces to launch a rental room search engine, Serendipity Living Search. The free service analyzes the preferences of the room-seeker by asking multiple questions related to lifestyle, age and income, and recommends properties accordingly, according to the company.

“Unlike the conventional method of proposing properties based on the conditions specified by the user, AI analyzes the preference patterns of groups with similar attributes to the user and may match potential needs from among a wide variety of properties. This is the first room search service in the real estate industry that allows you to select and propose candidates,” said SRE in a news release.

SRE Holdings (formerly Sony Real Estate) was established in 2014. The company offers real estate brokerage, AI consulting and business support services. HouseCom has been operating real estate rental brokerage services since 1998. Both the companies are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market.

Japan-based real estate marketplace Lifull Home’s last year launched an AR app to let users find homes based on shared experiences and preferences.

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