Loeiz Bourdic (above) has been promoted to the position of chief product officer (CPO) at PriceHubble.

Switzerland-based PriceHubble is a b-to-b proptech company that provides real estate price intelligence software in ten countries, including Japan, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

In 2017, as managing director of PriceHubble France, Bourdic (LinkedIn profile) launched the business in that country, and in July last year, he was appointed regional director for France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Prior to joining PriceHubble, Bourdic was executive director of the Paris-based Urban Morphology Institute (UMI), which he co-founded. According to its website, the institute provides science-based expertise in urban planning and design, urban assessment and urban development strategies.

An engineer and an economist by training, Bourdic’s work at the UMI focused on the transposition of quantitative data analysis into urban strategies to support urban investment and policy making. He also served in the French army for eight months as an officer and platoon leader.


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