Hally AI, a content writer for recruiters powered by artificial intelligence, has launched in the U.K.

According to the company, this software creates job adverts and descriptions tailored to specific roles and other requirements, summarizes resumes and writes personalized emails. It can also be used to create sales, administrative and marketing material. Hally AI provides more than 50 AI-content templates.

Other features include a job advert rewriter, a corporate text remover, a job skills extractor and a job description parser, with the latter allowing recruiters to quickly identify the relevant details in long job description documents, Hally AI maintains.

Meanwhile, the company says that its job text bias analyzer generates inclusive, unbiased content that ensures job descriptions and job adverts are free of gender, race, and other biases, allowing recruiters to attract a more diverse pool of candidates.

Hally AI also enables recruiters to automatically tweet job roles, publish them on LinkedIn and create Facebook-optimized posts to promote vacancies.

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