U.K.-based c-to-b used-car marketplace Motorway has launched new product features that it says will make it easier for dealers to find and buy stock.

These include a downloadable CSV file showing the purchase history of the car, purchase status tag filters and MOT data. Motorway added that it had improved the after sales experience by introducing new purchase-status tag filters that provide dealers with greater visibility of their purchases.

Dealers can now save time by filtering the vehicles in their own ‘purchase complete’ section based on the status of the purchase. The options are:

  • Awaiting confirmation — the dealer has won the auction for the vehicle but the seller has yet to confirme the sale
  • Reviewing documents — the seller has confirmed the sale and the documents are being reviewed
  • Checks complete — the documents have been reviewed and the dealer can contact the seller
  • Delivery requested — the dealer has booked delivery of the vehicle

Making the purchase history of a vehicle available as a CSV download helps dealers keep track of the workflow of the vehicles they buy by facilitating the integration of their Motorway purchase history into their workflow.

The download feature works in combination with purchase status filters, enabling dealers to select the purchases they want to download. This data can be bulk-exported to the dealer’s management system.

According to Motorway, what was previously a time-consuming and manual process is now quick and easy, leaving dealers with more time for other tasks.

An additional new feature is that MOT test data is automatically pulled so dealers can quickly see if vehicles passed or failed their last MOT, when it was and if there were any advisory notes. This automatically provides dealers with key information needed to assess the car’s value.

Last month, Motorway announced it more than doubled sales in 2022, to £1.7 billion ($2.1 billion U.S.) from £841 million in the previous year.

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