High volume hiring platform and ATS provider Fountain has launched a new conversational AI feature.

U.S.-based Fountain AI aims to help recruiters screen and qualify candidates efficiently, automates manual processes and accelerates the hiring funnel to help hiring managers process candidates faster, so they can start their new job sooner, according to a statement from Fountain.

The new features include automated data collection and sorting capabilities, simplified interview scheduling to streamline the process for both recruiters and candidates, the reduction of repetitive application questions and guides to help candidates through the application process by giving applicants real-time responses.

One aim of the product is to better engage candidates through the recruitment process, so they are incentivised when they begin their new job. Recruiters don’t always have time to manage talent pipelines and connect with candidates.

This can lead to disengaged candidates, application drop-offs and interview no-shows. Fountain AI uses mobile-first application features, WhatsApp/SMS capabilities and simple interview scheduling to counter this problem. It also provides applicants with streamlined conversations to reduce repetitive application questions.

Fountain’s ATS helps qualified candidates find the right job in the right location and guides them from the application to starting the job once successfully through the interview process. The company said that by combining Fountain AI with the Fountain Labor ATS, organizations can get better insight into how to hire more efficiently to ensure talent moves through their recruitment pipeline, they are screening the right candidates and efficiently staffing operations.

“Enterprise organizations are in tight competition for hourly talent and if you don’t hire fast, you don’t have staffed operations, which leads to a poor customer experience and negative business outcomes,” says Sean Behr, CEO of Fountain. “The addition of Fountain AI to our core offering creates an enhanced, user-friendly applicant experience for recruiters to move candidates through the funnel in minutes.”

In June, Fountain extended a funding round that closed in November 2021, raising an additional $100 million. In December, Fountain released new recruiter tools to support scheduling and interviewing of hourly workers. The update included the ability for candidates to book time on recruiters’ calendars and to help with arranging both in-person and online interviews.


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