Users of Germany-based recruiting software provider Carsonal’s platform can now post jobs directly to, a Germany-based automotive trade magazine.

The job posts of Carsonal users are highlighted in color in the results lists of the Kfz-Betrieb job board. Moreover, they are given top placement in Kfz-Betrieb’s trade media network, as well as benefitting from an eight-week retargeting campaign aimed at potential interested parties.

Carsonal is a recruiting platform for the automotive industry, focusing on small and medium-sized businesses. It is operated by automotive industry staffing agency ViaSona, which is owned by Chemnitz-based Mercedes-Benz dealership chain Schloz Wöllenstein.

Kfz-Betrieb is owned by the Würzburg-based Vogel Communications Group (VCG), which is a provider of b-to-b research and marketing services in German-speaking markets, “With over 100 specialist publications, digital platforms and events,” according to its website.

According to VCG, it has 700 employees and annual revenue of around €100 million ($108 million US), with eight locations in German-speaking nations, as well as internationally, where China is its primary focus.










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