PeopleGrove, a San-Francisco-based career development platform that helps university students connect with former alumni after graduating has launched Job Connections, a job board that provides networking capabilities.

In a statement PeopleGrove said the new feature helps students leverage their university network by linking them to an active community of alumni volunteers. Job Connections automatically filters job opportunities by networking alumni connections who have worked at the company or held that specific role. It provides more services than a traditional job board, which just supplies information about the role. Job Connections provides this extra function at a pivotal time in a graduate’s job search.

Users only see job and internship positions where networking opportunities exist and the platform makes it easier to make connections with targeted alumni. The company claims that the product is unique because it is an extension of the engaged networks that PeopleGrove already has with its college and university partners. PeopleGrove says its platforms have facilitated millions of learners having access to mentors who provide support and opportunities for people and ongoing support throughout their career.

“With as many as 80% of jobs filled through networking, an upgrade to the traditional job board is long overdue,” said Adam Saven, co-founder and CEO of PeopleGrove. “We built Job Connections to provide access to critical social capital at a crucial time in one’s life. It easily and effectively connects job seekers to the most relevant people in their network who can provide a true edge in their career pursuit.”

Job Connections is available to all PeopleGrove users, including students and alumni, and can be accessed through their institution’s PeopleGrove network. PeopleGrove was launched in 2015 and now works with over 450 institutions, including Yale and Stanford.

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