Norwalk, Connecticut-based Recruitics has launched an automated marketing platform (AMP) for staffing agencies and direct employers, according to a statement from the company.

According to Recruitics, which describes itself as a “data-driven recruitment marketing agency,” its AMP “is an advanced programmatic job advertising technology that optimizes cost-per-applicant efficiency and applicant volume velocity by actively balancing market-level labor supply with employer demand.”

It adds that this system is “purpose-built for high volume hiring … [as its] algorithmic bidding and advertising automation enables customers to achieve optimal candidate flows from pay-per-performance job sites across hundreds of global markets simultaneously.”

Recruitics asserts that its AMP uses customer-specific algorithms and hiring goal structures to create a strategy that “tailors candidate flow to each employer’s unique talent acquisition needs and geographies.”

It further notes that the software “can also customize jobs, market definitions, algorithms and goal structures,” to enable recruiters to create automated, tailored recruitment campaigns.

Moreover, automation facilitates faster and more scalable recruitment advertising by eliminating manual processes like inputting data or adjusting manual settings, Recruitics maintains, leading to improved ROI, time savings and hiring predictability across roles and markets.

“Our AMP is the most advanced recruitment advertising technology available in the industry,” says Adam Stafford, CEO of Recruitics.

“By leveraging programmatic buying algorithms, our iON data platform and our performance analytics capabilities, AMP creates and maintains optimal candidate flow across hundreds of markets at once — at peak efficiency.”

Founded in 2012, Recruitics has offices across North America and Europe.

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