Russia-based classified giant Avito has extended its delivery by seller (DBS) service to commercial vendors.

The service was introduced last summer for private sellers, who were allowed to use postal or delivery services of their choosing after completing a “secure sale” on Avito. The platform said over 100,000 private sellers are already using the service. Commercial vendors can now do the same, especially when sending oversize goods such as building materials and furniture that are too large for Avito Delivery.

Many commercial sellers work through multiple e-commerce platforms and send out bulk orders, so Avito says they would benefit from dealing directly with professional shipping services. Sellers are now able to determine delivery prices and lead times themselves, which used to be done by Avito.

For now, DBS covers 95% of merchandise sold on Avito, head of logistics Ruslan Ziganshin said in a press release. The extension of the service to commercial vendors will come with new options like analytics, reporting, management of multiple orders in one window, etc. The company plans shortly to introduce more features like a delivery destinations grid and automatic pricing ranges in a bid to boost sales on the platform.

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