BERLIN — Speaking at the startup session of the RecBuzz conference in Berlin today, recruitment startups iVCV,  Crewdog, and presented how they want to disrupt the recruitment market. Their focus was on using AI and white-labeled services.

Prof. Shahab Anbarjafari (LinkedIn Profile), co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at iVCV, stated that his company offered an automated AI-based CV analysis system to improve the recruitment process from the perspective of both candidates and recruiters. He also spoke about the potential of AI-based video analysis to help job boards and staffing companies identify top talent and improve the hiring process for all parties.

He demonstrated what iVCV’s algorithms could extract from a short video where candidates talk about their skills and experiences. This includes a deep analysis of the candidate’s skills, a short summary, and a comparison of all candidates.

Colin Rawlinson (LinkedIn profile), founder at Crewdog, warned job boards that most of them would be out of business within 2 years if they did not integrate OpenAI and semantic search in their products. He also presented the MVP of his video-only job app, based on OpenAI, which helps recruiters write better job descriptions and create videos, while job seekers have their personalized AI job coach.

Brandon Mitchell (LinkedIn profile), founder and CEO at WriteSea, presented his platform focused on helping job boards launch and manage career services. They are provided by a network of 3,000+ professional career experts, backed by customer service and technology to manage operations. WriteSea offers its services to help job seekers with career start, career growth, and career fast-tracking based on a white-labeled model.

Mitchell emphasized that using these services job boards might create a strong revenue stream with little marketing and minimal changes. He also pointed out that several large job recruitment sites had already launched similar services and that WriteSea let other job boards copy their strategy and compete with them with no setup and operational costs.

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