, a provider of outsourced recruitment services and software, is launching a ChatGPT-based app that uses AI to instantly convert resumes into career profiles.

The benefits of Candidate Pitch will be “streamlining the job search process and enabling job seekers and recruiters to create persuasive text-based summaries that showcase unique skills and experience,” said, announcing the app’s beta launch.

When a CV is uploaded, the app identifies vital skills and experience, crafting a tailored professional summary, says the software company, which users can then adjust to fit their personality and highlight their strengths.

“The app’s job-matching feature empowers users to seamlessly adapt their summary to align with job descriptions, guaranteeing a perfect fit with each position’s distinct requirements,” added the announcement.

The price starts at $29.99 a month with a $59.99 monthly plan offering greater usage, and is offering a fully functional free trial. It says the app will produce “succinct text summaries” of candidates, saving recruiters time.

“At, our mission is to provide scalable talent acquisition solutions that drive results for organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Candidate Pitch is just the beginning; we are streamlining the hiring process for job seekers and recruiters by leveraging OpenAI technologies’ power to craft compelling career summaries that set our users apart,” said Evan Sohn, CEO of

“We intend to continue exploring and unveiling even more ground-breaking AI features that transform the recruitment landscape and deliver exceptional outcomes for job seekers and recruiters.”

Describing itself as an early adopter of GPT technology, adds that it is “strategically positioned to seize the opportunities presented by this growing trend and is committed to investigating further AI-driven innovations for the benefit of job seekers and recruiters alike.”

New York City-based recruiting platform posted revenue of $25.4 million in 2022, a year-over-year gain of 14% versus $22.2 million. Gross profit stood at $8.7 million last year, up by 19% from $7.3 million in 2021.

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