Programmatic recruitment marketing company Pandologic has unveiled a tool to diversify clients’ candidate pools by posting ads in select media channels.

Called PandoDiversity, the tool is being showcased at this week’s Unleash America HR conference in Las Vegas.

An add-on to PandoLogic’s PandoIQ programmatic platform, PandoDiversity provides access to a network of publishers focused on underrepresented audiences such as women, minorities, people with disabilities, and armed forces veterans. 

The programmatic technology helps to automate hiring campaigns, removing bias in hiring and providing data transparency, the company says.

“We all know that a diverse workforce is vital to an organization’s success,” said PandoLogic CEO Terry Baker wrote in the product announcement. “Many organizations focus on diversity compliance, which is important and often difficult to execute, but PandoDiversity is focused on making it easy and producing real diversity results.”

The product addresses continued demand for DEI products and services in recruitment, a trend that accelerated with the Black Lives Matter protests in the early pandemic. More recent DEI investments in recruitment included those by LinkedIn, JobAdder and Paycor.

PandoDiversity will be introduced at a conference presentation “How AI Technology Enhances DEI Recruitment,” starting 11:20 a.m. PT on April 26, 2023.

Based in New York, PandoLogic is a subsidiary of Veritone, the Nasdaq-listed developer of an AI operating system. Veritone acquired PandoLogic — formerly known as RealMatch — for $150 million in cash and stock in September 2021.

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