EBay KleinAnzeigen, the largest online classified portal in Germany, has revealed a logo and website redesign, which it will implement on 16 May. Moreover, the company is to change its name from EBay KleinAnzeigen to just KleinAnzeigen — a move it flagged last year.

The website redesign will include the addition of a “dark mode.” This uses less power — thus conversing a device’s battery — and reduces the likelihood of eye strain for users.

EBay KleinAnzeigen was acquired by Norway-based Adevinta in 2021. Since then, the company has bolstered its website’s security and added new features for users.

According to a press release from EBay KleinAnzeigen, the new logo is “emblematic of sustainability and the circular economy.”

The company said that the new address of the online classifieds market would be kleinanzeigen.de but that the previous domain will remain accessible for several years. It also stressed that existing users would not need to re-register or download a new app.

“We are an online classifieds market for everyone that promotes the joy of sustainable action. That’s what we want to remain. In the past few weeks, we have made some visual changes, but we are still sticking to what our users appreciate us for,” EBay KleinAnzeigen CEO Paul Heimann commented.

In a separate press release, EBay KleinAnzeigen said that the pricing of their marketing packages for realtors, which was introduced in November 2022, would not be affected by the rebranding.






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