The DeverellSmith Group, a London-based recruitment consultancy specifically for the property sector, has acquired Daisy Chain, an online platform where professionals can match and connect with flexible employers.

DaisyChain was originally set up to support returning parents, particularly mothers, to find flexible work that facilitates them being able to balance childcare and employment. It has evolved to be able to support any individual who wants flexible employment across all industries.

Louise Deverell-Smith is the founder of Daisy Chain. AIM Group contacted DeverellSmith to find out the relationship between her and the company – DeverellSmith – that has acquired Daisy Chain. Louise is married to Andrew Deverell-Smith, the founder and CEO of DeverellSmith. A spokesperson for DeverellSmith told AIM Group that the acquisition was “an arm’s length commercial transaction.”

In terms of how the two companies are connected, the spokesperson said “DeverellSmith holdings is the group parent company, and it is this company who is acquiring the entire share capital of Daisy Chain to bring the platform into the group and have access to all its resources (both people and financial) to fulfil the potential of Daisy Chain.” The spokesperson added that the terms of the deal were confidential.

The acquisition of Daisy Chain helps DeverellSmith’s customers make faster, smarter hiring decisions. The platform provides a technological solution for the U.K. employment market in promoting diversification of talent and in streamlining the talent attraction process.

“The acquisition of Daisy Chain fits into DeverellSmith’s strategy to provide a holistic suite of talent solutions which stimulate positive change,” said Andrew Deverell-Smith, founder and CEO of the DeverellSmith group.

“Daisy Chain already has a proven track record in connecting flexible employers with world-class talent who are seeking a job opportunity which accommodates their lifestyle.

“I encourage any individual seeking flexible employment to register for the platform where they can confidently match and connect with likeminded employers.”






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