Nigeria-based proptech startup Spleet, has partnered with United Kingdom-based rental assistance service Repit to ease relocation and property search for migrating Africans. 

Repit provides relocation support, property search, viewings, referencing guidance, paperwork negotiations, and settling-in advice. 

Due to recent favorable visa policies, there’s been a huge surge in Africans relocating to the UK. For example, the number of Nigerians granted sponsored study visas jumped from 8,384 in 2019 to 65,929 in 2022. A significant number of the recipients have spouses and children and relocate with them. This has contributed to the difficulty in finding accommodation and a spike in pricing.    

Commenting on the partnership, Spleet CEO Akintola Adesanmi explained, “We are excited to partner with Repit to provide Africans rental support during their relocation to the UK, moving to a new country can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding a new home. 

He added: “Immigrants often face difficulty during this process due to unfamiliarity with the UK rental market and legal requirements, no payslip as proof of financial backing, no guarantors, etc. Our partnership with Repit will make the process easier and stress-free for everyone.”

Users leveraging this partnership will receive a 5% discount from Spleet to use Repit’s services, which include advice on what to anticipate from the UK rental market and how to proceed in various circumstances. Repit’s charge for essential search which includes property options, property visits (maximum of 5), and rental applications is 129 GBP.

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