Madrid-based rectech company Psicosoft has launched “Think Outside the Box,” which it says enables HR departments to evaluate the logic and thinking patterns of both candidates and existing employees using strategy games based on artificial intelligence (AI), in which a series of challenges have to be solved, website RRHH Digital reports. 

According to Psicosoft’s website, “We have transformed the way organizations manage their talent by introducing the benefits of gamification and digitization into our evaluation and development solutions.” 

It adds that its clients include Japan Tobacco, Volkswagen subsidiary Seat and pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. 

Psicosoft says that “Think Outside the Box” evaluates flexible thinking, decision-making capacity, problem-solving skills and analytical and innovative capacity. 

It has developed these games in partnership with Israel-based Accelium Group. Its website states that “Accelium develops higher-order cognitive, social and emotional skills using strategy games. Based on a scientifically proven methodology and adopted in over 40 countries worldwide, our unique learning process blends class instruction, personal coaching and state of the art digital learning.” 

According to David Martínez González, director of talent at Psicosoft, “Accelium’s tools allow a reliable and precise evaluation of thinking skills. The tests are, in themselves, an attractive and motivating challenge for the participant in such a way that they forget about the evaluation context to show their full potential.” 

“In addition, by generating individual and comparative reports between participants, the results can be ranked, and this greatly facilitates making objective decisions about talent.” 

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