EBay U.K. has launched a new homeware hub to encourage more users to buy used and sustainable items for their home interiors from its marketplace.

The ‘Better Than New Homeware’ Hub aims to utilise the interest from consumers in recycling and repurposing home furniture and to tackle the issue of fast furniture, the company said in a statement.

The company wants consumers to prioritize pre-loved items and to reduce the amount of furniture that British households dispose of, which EBay claims to be around 500,000 tonnes of furniture annually, despite its research showing 14% of consumers buy more second-hand furniture now than they did two years ago.

The curated hub focuses on vintage, restored or repaired pieces of furniture that are environmentally friendly and more affordable. EBay’s research suggests the average person updates their home approximately three times a year.

According to data from EBay U.K., buying pre-loved home and garden items from its platform prevented 6.5 million kilograms of furniture from being wasted or sent to landfill. It also helps consumers save money. EBay found almost 50% of those who buy second hand furniture do so to save money. Additionally, 37% said environmental reasons were a motivation and 35% bought second-hand because they think the furniture is more unique.

Another motivation for 35% of users is that buying this way provides an outlet to showcase their creativity through upcycling and produce something that is genuinely distinctive.

“In a similar vein to the way we’ve celebrated pre-loved fashion through our partnership with Love Island, we’re now turning our attention to help ‘slow down’ fast furniture by demonstrating the style, value and environmental benefits of second-hand furniture and home accessories available on eBay,” said Rachel Miles, head of Home & Garden at EBay UK.

“This new hub places a much-needed spotlight on the impact fast-furniture is having on our planet and showing shoppers there’s a better way to refresh the home without creating more waste.

EBay said its Home and Garden category ranks among the top three primary categories across all of its global marketplaces, making it an excellent avenue for sellers to broaden their business.

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