According to Andrew Kabrit (LinkedIn profile), CPO and co-founder of Dubai-based Seez, AI is unlocking new functionalities in automotive sales and can play a particularly important role in facilitating omnichannel sales for both dealers and marketplaces. Seez’s Modular AI ad-ins enable dealers to make improved use of their data to help them make better recommendations, he said.

According to its website, “Seez is changing the way people buy cars and how auto businesses operate. We have been developing innovative solutions for automotive retail since 2016 using AI and data and working together with dealers, manufacturers and the public sector to reshape traditional retailing models and consumer journeys.”

The company’s senior management team, including Kabrit, is Danish, and Denmark is currently the company’s main focus, although it is working with Banco Santander in a number of other European countries.

Kabrit said that Seez was implementing AI in the areas of inventory optimization, marketing and CRM and business efficiencies and that its aim was to “deep fry everything in AI.”

He added that Seez sought to empower dealers to leverage new tech and facilitate omnichannel retail, in addition to enhancing the customer experience.

“With a dealer, you just need a couple of hundred users to start extracting insights,” he said.

Seez feeds live data into machine learning models to forecast both used-car prices and depreciation rates. It uses AI to assess car attractiveness — what are consumers looking at, what is more likely to lead to conversion and what cars are unattractive to consumers and why etc. — to help dealers to turn inventory over faster.

The company also utilizes a Netflix-style recommendation engine that shows users models that those with similar search patterns have looked for. It also offers a Chat GPT-powered AI sales assistant for 24/7 customer support, helping them to search more effectively.

Kabrit was presenting at AutosBuzz 2023, the AIM Group’s automotive conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

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