Dubai-based auto marketplace DubiCars has revamped its web homepage, the company has announced.

DubiCars’ software-as-a-service platform allows dealers to transact online. It also allows them to post their vehicles to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

The company said that it had revamped its search function with the ability to personalize car recommendations for each user and to filter results by year of manufacture, mileage, car specs, engine specs, fuel type, number of cylinders, number of seats, gearbox type and so on.

Search results will also be revamped as search cards featuring key highlights such as location, specs, year of manufacture and mileage, while a newly redesigned car detail page showcases the contact details of the seller in a much more prominent manner.

The company says that with nearly 500 dealer partners, it is the fastest-growing online car marketplace in the region and the largest generator of car export demand in the UAE.

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