Recruitment testing platform Codility has released a new library of content that stops cheating on skills assessments that use ChatGPT.

Codility, founded in 2009, helps companies test candidates technical coding skills to enable them to make evidence-based hiring decisions. Codility says it has worked with OpenAI since 2020 which has helped it gather insights on generative AI and its relationship to coding assessments.

Its platform predicts the real-life skills of candidates at all stages of the hiring process and since its inception has evaluated the skills of over 13 million developers and helped thousands of companies build successful engineering teams.

According to the company, it is now the only provider of assessments that actively offers customers the ability to create AI-resistant assessments. Codility said the rise of AI technology has created new challenges for the recruitment sector and industry suppliers need to adapt.

Its new product helps companies create tests for candidates that are ChatGPT-resistant or that identify or filter out tasks that can be solved using ChatGPT.

The new product tags tasks by their potential solvability by ChatGPT. This allows companies to create coding tests that more accurately assess the skills of prospective employees. Codility uses its existing database of candidates and testers to check assessments and find out if a solution has already been submitted.

The company has also made improvements to how it develops new content and is increasing the production of ChatGPT-resistant tasks within its assessment platform. According to the company, creating new content for its assessments regularly also helps reduce instances of candidates cheating.

“From allowing engineers to showcase their skills using generative AI to introducing features that mitigate and detect its use, we will continue to provide our customers with more options to select the assessment methods that best align with their hiring philosophy and goals, supporting building diverse and high performing engineering teams,” said Codility CEO Natalia Panowicz.

“The ongoing testing and evolution of our AI-resistant library will support hiring teams in making confident, evidence-based hiring decisions, even with the growing prevalence and use of AI in skills testing.”

Codility also announced it has hired two new members of its executive team. Amy Millard (LinkedIn profile) joins as chief marketing officer, returning from a six-month sabbatical spent criss-crossing the U.S. on a road trip. Prior to that she spent four years as CMO at commercial leasing marketplace VTS Inc. Additionally, Sacha Herrmann (LinkedIn profile) joins as CFO and will relocate to London. Herrmann was previously CFO at digital employee experience management software company Nexthink.

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