According to Josep Talavera, co-founder and CEO of Barcelona-based MundiMoto (LinkedIn profile), the company is on course to have 1,500 motorcycle rental clients in Spain by the end of the year.

MundiMoto’s core business is buying, reconditioning and selling used motorbikes, but it launched motorcycle rentals last month. Rentals are priced from €120 per month or €15 per day, including third-party insurance, maintenance, tires, repairs and roadside assistance.

In an interview with Fleet People, Talavera noted that “The user of a rental motorcycle may be different from the traditional motorcycle buyer. While the buyer is generally looking to acquire a vehicle for personal and long-term use, the user of a rental motorcycle is looking for a more flexible mobility solution adapted to their specific needs.” 

“As more people look for more sustainable, economical and flexible mobility alternatives, motorcycle rental is a very attractive option. Although currently the motorcycle rental market is relatively small compared to car rental or sales, I believe that there is great potential …”

Talavera added that MundiMoto was already profitable and that the company would launch in “the main European markets” — Italy (where it is already present), Germany, France, Poland and the Netherlands — but he did not specify a time frame for this. 

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