Jobberman Ghana has launched two new features, ‘Relevance Ranking’ and ‘Recommended Candidates’ to enhance its job-matching process for employers. 

The Relevance Feature’ works by analyzing a job seeker’s skills, experience, and qualifications and generates a relevance score based on how well the candidate’s profile matches the employer’s job requirements. This score is then used to rank candidates, making it easier and quicker for employers to identify the most suitable candidates quickly.

For the standard job ad product, the ‘Recommended Candidates’ feature specifically allows employers to invite the 10 best-qualified candidates from Jobberman’s database whose profiles meet the job requirements as advertised by the employer. 

Commenting on the new features, the head of recruitment for Jobberman Ghana, Michael Akwasi Gyimah, said: “In the past, we leveraged the ATS to assist in sorting the best candidates out of the lot. These new updates will be of great value to the sorting process for recruiters and employers who use the Jobberman Ghana platform, most especially those who rely on the basic and standard listing options to fill their vacant roles.”

He highlighted that job seekers, on the other hand, who have an updated job seeker profile on the Jobberman Ghana platform, would have the first-hand opportunity of being ranked higher over those with an uncompleted profile.

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