U.K.-based lettings platform GoodLord is partnering with digital-identity-service-provider Credas to provide right-to-rent checks using identity-verification technology (IDVT) via the Vouch tenant referencing platform, according to a statement from GoodLord.

As a result of the 2016 Immigration Act, private landlords and letting agents in England (but not in other parts of the U.K.) are now legally required to check the immigration status of all tenants who will be living in a property.

This measure, which was introduced in the Immigration Act 2016, is known as a “right-to-rent check.” It remains in force even though it was ruled to be incompatible with human rights legislation by the High Court in 2019.

Since late last year, letting agents and landlords have been permitted to use certified identity service providers (IDSPs) to conduct these checks remotely using IDVT.

The tool will be offered as an add-on to GoodLord’s current referencing checks. By using the tool, letting agents will reduce the amount of time spent screening tenants, while remaining legally compliant, GoodLord says.

The tool also offers ID fraud checks and documentation verification, as well as “liveness detection” checks to ascertain whether a face is actually real.

From June, GoodLord will offer the service through the Vouch platform, and it will be made available through GoodLord’s own platform later this year.

“The last few years has seen an acceleration in the digitization of right-to-rent checks,” said Vouch MD Tom Goodman.

“Our partnership with Credas means we can take this a step further — integrating IDVT with our current referencing process and cutting out the middleman for letting agents.”

Credas’ IDVT is used across a range of sectors for compliance purposes by providing real-time biometric facial recognition checks. Credas’ digital identity and anti-money laundering platforms are widely used by estate and letting agents to carry out checks on buyers, sellers and tenants.

“Customer verification is now more important than ever before. Our technology allows stakeholders throughout the property and legal industries and beyond to be truly compliant in knowing their customer and mitigating their vulnerability in an easy ‘plug and play’ way,” said Credas chief executive Tim Barnett.

“By removing another step, in what is quite a drawn-out process, letting Agents will be able to reclaim their lost time.”

In January, GoodLord acquired digital tenancy platform Halo. In April, co-founder Tom Mundy announced he was leaving the company after nine years.

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