Dubai-based job portal has unveiled Bayt AI+, which it says will make recruitment more efficient by applying self-learning algorithms that will sift through CVs and recommend the highest-quality candidates in accordance with a company’s requirements.

The company maintains that Bayt AI+ will thus eliminate the most time-consuming parts of the recruitment process — creating job listings and descriptions and reading and assessing hundreds, even thousands, of CVs for each position.

It can also be used to create original job descriptions and listings based on the criteria of employers. Moreover, Bayt AI+ allows job seekers and recruiters to connect through a live chat feature, facilitating remote interviews on the platform. chief technology officer Akram Assaf says the launch “combines the latest technology and our 20+ years of experience to help users achieve their recruitment goals quickly and effectively.”

He adds that Bayt is “confident that the tool will redefine the recruitment landscape and revolutionize the way employers find, evaluate and connect with top talent in the Middle East and beyond.”

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